Saturday, August 17, 2013

Adding Labor Work Hours in Assignment Manager

User reports that for some of the labors the Work hours are blank for specific dates in Assignment Manager Application. 

User need to apply the Shifts for the specified duration to the Labors.

We need to follow the below steps to fill working hours for a labor
1. Open the Calendar for an Organization to which the labor belongs to.
2. Click on Select Action --> Define/Apply Shift.

3. In the dialog window, select a shift and Click on “Apply Shift(s)” Button.
4. Specify any range of Dates or apply the shift to entire calendar.

5. You can find the dates in Work Periods tab of calendar application.

6. The Work hours are filled for the week in the Labor list of Assignment Manager Application.


  1. Its a nice approach for adding labor work hours in assignment. To a particular stance labor work hours are consistent upto certain level but most of the organization fail to follow up the compliance laws. Recently I came across one web link that defines the latest and updated compliance laws to be incurred. Check out the link here -

    1. thanks for the information. As you know, it differs between companies.